Sunday, November 20, 2011

That looks like something a mom would wear

I've taken some special inspiration for today's outfit post.  In light of my mom's birthday, I've compiled an outfit on what I think reflects her style and what this young grasshopper has learned from her fashion teachings.  Admittedly, I get a lot of my style from her.  Like any parent, she would buy things for me that would make me roll my eyes, but not in the traditional sense.  Nope, she's called my pre-blogger style "conservative" before.  So this sort of weird attire that blends away from the crowd is definitely her influence.

Mom likes functional fashion. It's cold outside, wear a scarf! There's no reason to freeze your butt off because you think you're too cool to stay warm.

Mom likes classic styles.  See that coat?  Yeah, it's black.  That's not going out of style.  Put your money to good use by buying things that can be worn year after year after year.

Mom likes funky footwear.  I think her shoe closetS are pretty insane.  It's a shame we're not really the same size because she pretty much does have a multitude of different styles and colours.  Conservative shoes are great, but her eyes go for funky prints and ornaments.  Statement shoes, yes?

Mom likes "bling".  Which is what we call anything sparkly or sequin-y.  She's kind of like a little kid with this.  If she sees something shiny in a store, it'll almost always catch her eye and she'll go straight for it.

Mom likes sales.  Another note on the skirt, she watched it like a hawk until the price went down.  Why buy things full price?  They almost always go on sale.  Or you can find a cheaper alternative.

 Mom likes purses that actually hold stuff.  Yes, yes, cute little bags.  But isn't the point of a purse so you can throw all your junk in there?  Bags should be actually useful, not just pretty.

Mom says that crimson red's our colour.  A little hard to see in the photos, but in light of this teaching, I'm wearing crimson red lipstick.  The only problem with always going for things that are "your colour" is that I now have a little more red than I need.

Mom says to dress to impress.  Because you never know who you might run into, right?  Then again, she said this before her dog-walking clothing slum started. That's right, I just called you out in public!

What I'm wearing: 
-Black coat from Jacob (stolen from mom's closet) 
-Black sequin skirt from Joe Fresh (thanks, mom for buying it) 
-Black boots from Winners (thanks, mom for buying it)
-Grey striped shirt from Forever 21 
-Black purse from Costa Blanca X
-Grey scarf from American Apparel 


  1. This was a fun post to read and I love the pop of sequins from underneath your coat. The red lipstick brings another nice element.

  2. I love this post! So cute how you related everything back to what your Mum would do. Great outfit put together.

  3. Fab outfit! I love getting tips from my mum about style, she usually knows best even if I don't think so at the time. xoxo


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