Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy red carpet unfashion

Instead of doing the usual best & worst dressed thing, I'm opting for a slew of fashion fails and curiosities from last night's awards instead.  Except for maybe a few, there was no one absolutely stunning, except for the stunningly terrible "fashions".  It's like these offenders gathered a secret meeting and decided they would try to out-bizarre each other.  Since when did trying to be the weirdest person on the carpet become fashion?

Our first offender is Fergie with this see-through orange curtain thing.  I'll admit that the design and cuts are nice, but I'm just not a fan of when people try to wear their window trimmings.

Nadeea definitely has the body to flaunt, but I'm not sure if the Vegas style bedazzled bikini top & feathers is the best choice on the red carpet.  By the way, does she realize that her face is a whole lot paler than the rest of her body?

Katy Perry does funky hair all the time, but I think she's had better days.  Paired with the blue gown, she reminds me of a woodland fairy that I saw in a cartoon once...and no, that's not a good thing.

Admittedly, Jessie J is rocking the whole metallic dress + blunt bangs look pretty hard, but there's just something about the dress that doesn't catch my eye in a good way.  Perhaps a full metallic sheen is a little overwhelming on a mermaid cut.

Similarly, Carrie Underwood doesn't look half bad, but her dress made me giggle because it looks like she's buried neck-deep in cookies & cream ice cream.

Corinne Bailey Rae kinda looks good, but mostly looks awkward.  I'm gonna blame how the massive ruffle and tulles of the dress at the hem falls right around her knees, making her look rather stubby.

I remember that I put Miss Minaj on my worst-of-the-worst list last year for daring to wear a fully leopard body suit.  I was definitely wrong when I thought it couldn't get any worse than that.  Red riding hood priestess.  Need I say more?

Anyway, after all those eye sores, shall we direct our attention on something more appealing?  Ah yes, Foster The People.  Sure, music's not exactly a sight phenomenon, but it helps to know that you're listening to music from guys that know how to wear a light-coloured blazer.  Aw, aren't they looking dapper?

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  1. Your witty commentary in this post made me laugh. The cookies-and-cream comment took the cake (no pun intended). I quite liked Corinne Bailey Rae's hair but though the dress was a bit overwhelming. Could have been flirty and fun in a different colour and shorter length.

  2. Haha Fergie's outfit is definitely out there. It's not just the table lace that puts me off, but the fact that she wanted to reveal her undies on purpose. Never understood why some people think this is fashion.
    I quite like Katy Perry's outfit, though :D


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