Monday, February 27, 2012

Lesser known Oscar beauties

I've been reading a few blogs/style reports regarding last night's Oscars red carpet arrivals.  The general consensus seems to be that there was no one terrifyingly out of place, but no one outstandingly stunning either.  I'd have to agree.  Clicking through galleries of photos, there were few that caught my attention for more than a millisecond.  Yes, the usuals were lovely- Angelina, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rooney Mara, blahblahblah.  I find it funny that I was more inclined to notice the less famous.  While attention was focused on the arrivals of nominated producers and celebrities, I found my eye shifting towards their arm candy: the significant other.  Seriously, some of those gowns were gorgeous, but I bet their non-celebrity status marred them from many of the best dressed lists.  Therefore, I decided to compile a hit list of lesser known celebrities and significant others that appeared on the red carpet last night.

Maria Menounos: Extra correspondant

Alexandra Edenborough: Wife of best actor nominee, Gary Oldman
Leslie Mann: Wife of Bridesmaids producer, Judd Apatow

Alexandra Lamy: Wife of The Artist actor Jean Dujardin

Stefanie Sherk: arrived with Best Actor nominee Demian Bichir
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  1. maria menounos and stefanie sherk look amazing!great picks.

  2. oh how fabulous! i was getting tired of the usual faces!! :)

    great pictures!


  3. great list. sherk and menounos look stunning!

  4. I think that dress on Maria is pretty. I believe it could be the shades of green and the flowly tail that makes it look gorgeous!

  5. omg i totally agree with you about the significant other thing, haha cool post :)


  6. thanks for collecting different and interesting women in beautiful dresses!

  7. The first gown is just breathtaking.. from the colour to the cut to the flowy material
    perfection :)


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