Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week A/W '12- Day 1

It's that time of the year again, folks.  Fashion weeks.  Now, it may not be London or New York, but I was still craving to go to Ottawa Fashion Week this season.  With promises of their biggest show ever, I just had to see what all the hype was about.  The opening day's shows were a balanced mix of hits and misses for me.  Beginning with Elena Hinke & Elena's Creations, the collection started off rather simple, but pretty.  I found a great crescendo here though as outfits hit the runway with the inclusion of unique cuts, fur, and lace.  Long gloves on the models gave this dress collection an extra elegant appeal.  Next, was Amanda Emmanuel with a vibrant collection of prints and colours with varied dresses cut with straight lines, pleats, and long and short makes to suit different tastes.  Though the patterns weren't really my style, it was a nice energetic change from the previous designer's more pretentious makes.

The second set began with frAsh jewellery, displayed on models in solemn white for a powerful regal, almost exotic look.  What caught my eye most were necklaces decked out in layers of gold and pearls, some with accents of coloured beads.  Oh, and there's the incredible sun goddess-esque headpiece.  Next up was !Nu.I, which has been a favourite of mine since I first saw its collection at OFW a year ago.  This year was no different, and definitely did not disappoint.  The first few looks reminded me how great it is to be geek chic with A-line skirts, high socks, big glasses, and bigger hair.  These adorkable designs added in an extra kick of edge with black leather works, complimented and contrasted by earthy patterns and teal tones, respectively.

Illyria started up the last set of the night with a solid ready-to-wear collection of pretty dresses.  But only a few of them made me raise my head to get a better look.  Alternatively, the collection reminded me of typical cuts used in previous seasons, garnering an "oh, that's!" reaction from me.  I do always appreciate the cutout backs though, which add just a little something extra to these wearable dresses, without being too out of the ordinary.  Speaking out out of the ordinary, I was absolutely mesmerized by the Y!D.N.A Collection by Andy Nguyen. The designs sang with creativity, power, and just general weird stuff that managed to evoke a slight fear in me from their appearances of restraint and heavy structure- literally and figuratively.  Though the masks, gags, and boxy accessories were one spectacle, the clothing was just as impressive with structured builds and flowing fabrics meshed into one creation.


  1. These are amazing collection! I love it all!


  2. Thanks for posting these! I never saw the Ottawa collection... you're totally right! These are stunning!


  3. Those 1st. dress. they look so gorgeous.


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