Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vanilla licorice

Let me tell you a little about my...resourcefulness and creativity.  You see that belt?  It's way too big.  Originally, it didn't even fit snug around my waist.  So I took a nail and hammered some extra holes into the belt.  But also, the length of the belt flopped awkwardly since it isn't secured by belt loops.  So I decided to duct tape the belt together.  Yes, I'm glad no one looked too closely at my outfit when I wore it to Ottawa Fashion Week because a piece of duct tape was holding my belt in place.  Classy, huh.

On another note, I tried to take pictures with my rings and such outside, but it was -10 and freezing.  I can pretend all I want that I'm not cold when I do these outfit photos, but blue hands do not lie.

What I'm wearing:
-Off-white dress
-Black vest
-Black belt
-Fishnet stockings
-Black boots


  1. You are very creative indeed =)

    -10degrees is like way cold for me to take it. I don't think I can be as brave as you to take pictures outdoor with short sleeve and all at this temperature. You sure have great style and I like your knee length boots =)

  2. whoa there's no snow- where did you take these pictures!?

  3. Haha...hammering holes to make it fit! I need to do that with a belt too! The boots look soo good. I've always wanted a pair of high boots but they aren't any good affordable pairs selling in singapore!

    I wish the weather got cooler here! We have summer all year round! :p


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