Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dancing at her funeral

I'm not one for name brands.  In fact, I really don't care.  More money means better stitching, higher quality, and better fabrics?  Sure, I get that (when applicable).  But it also means more cost and more tears for my bank account.

Though in this case, I really couldn't resist the urge for a French Connection dress.  Normally, I'd never spring $200 on a dress.  Unless it's on sale for $30.  Score!

Frankly, I really don't have an eye for the specialty of designer items.  This looks like it could pass for a cheap dress to me.  In fact, I think I own $20 dresses than I like more than this dress.  I may actually be more in love with its pricetag than the actual design.

Photos by Pop Champagne

What I'm wearing:
-Black lace French Connection dress (from Winners)
-Gun metal platform heels
-Studded necklace


  1. I love your lace dress! It's so pretty! And that necklace is so unique!


  2. I actually really like this dress. Did you say that you only ended up paying $20? I'd pay full price for it, it's gorgeous!!


  3. I don't like to spend a lot of money on dresses either I have one that is quite expensive. ( which I'm posting tomorrow actually lol ) but most of my dresses are from H&M. I love your studded necklace that is so cool!

  4. Haha, oh man, how often have we fallen for that? If the price tag's higher, we think the design must be better. Not the case, huh?
    But I must admit, from the photos, this dress really does look lovely. The detailing on it is just incredible.

    Trendy Teal
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  5. That's a great dress!

    I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  6. I love the dress, and lace is a favourite material of mine! You look gorgeous xx

  7. The dress is really pretty, but I wouldn't have paid $200 for it neither, $30 is a great deal

    Quemando Fantasias

  8. Great Buy!!! Love the necklace too!

  9. I really like the dress on you, I think the lace is very pretty! But I totally get what you're saying... I normally can't get myself to pay a lot for something when I know I can find something similar for less money.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. You are SO gorgeous! I love this dress, so pretty!

    Thank you again for stopping by my blog - I'm definitely following yours xo

  11. Fallen in love at first sight with your dress!

  12. Cute look! I really like your dress!


  13. You are so lucky to find deals like that! Usually the $200 is on sale for $199.95.

    I need to see this dress you like more than this one because this is stunning! Beautiful.

  14. That dress is so lovely!

  15. I like the lace details on the this dress and I so follow you on NOT shelling so much for a designer label.

  16. For that price the dress is a steal! I really like the lace details on it!

  17. such a cute dress. I also have a hard time spending that kind of money on clothes.

  18. that dress looks so gorgeous on you!!


  19. This dress is so lovely, and i love your necklace!
    Thanks for your comment! My lipcolour is Russian Red by mac btw :)
    kisses s


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