Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dress shirt

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who notices that dresses are getting shorter and shorter these days.  To combat the potential of flashing the world, the common solution that I hear is wearing shorts underneath a dress.  I thought I'd change it up a little though.  What about wearing shorts over the dress?  Fine, so it's not exactly a dress anymore, but it still makes for a nice shirt.  Just make sure to fold the dress up neatly so there are no awkwardly noticeable hemline bumps under the shorts.

Photos by Pop Champagne

What I'm wearing:
-Blue floral dress (top) 
-Pink high-waisted shorts 


  1. I love the dress as a top and the shorts are such a great color, love this look :)

  2. Leave it be! Let the dress be a top, its gorgeous!

  3. Haha, oh I know, believe me. I pick up a top and find out it's actually a dress. It's like, "Wow, really? That's scary!"
    I love how you turned this one into a top. Very cute. Those shorts are a great color!

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  4. Adore the print on the tank!

  5. great combo! love the shorts and the color!

  6. I sometimes do that, but I wear a skirt and a dress as a top. I love your shorts, the colour is so pretty xx

  7. Cool Outfit!!! I liked it very much

  8. They are getting shorter and shorter! It's like really who's going to be able to pull that off without showing anything.. I like your idea it works well I think!

  9. You look killer in those shorts! Love the new take on "anti-flashing", so awesome :)

  10. Love the summery feel of your outfit....thanks for dropping by Sabrina!!


  11. Bonjour, merci for your nice comment on my blog! I really love your outfit, I think the top and the short go very well together!! I'm now following you, follow us back if you want! :)

    Pleins de bisous, Gwen & Seg

  12. I love wearing shorts over short dresses! You really get a bang for your buck because then you get a cute top as well! Btw, thanks for visiting my page, I'm your new follower :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  13. Amazing shorts! I love the way you put together this outfit.

    Love Always,

  14. Really cute outfit! I think you look good in headband too.

    xo Jo

  15. I always wear shorts of some kind under dresses because of one unfortunate windy day incident on a busy street corner in Winnipeg when I lived there - lesson learned!


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