Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter skincare tips

Tis the season of being stupidly cold, frizzy hair, and dry skin. Can you tell that I'm not a winter person? But while I'm curling up at home from the cold, I've been taking time to get into better skin care routines. I hide indoors all winter long, I don't necessarily have to look like I hide in a cave all day.

Everyday routines 

Chapped hands and dry, flaky lips? No thanks. This is a huge no when it comes to your beauty regimen. Make sure that you use alcohol-free solutions on both your hands and lips. While they may seem worlds apart, the skin on your hands and lips are very similar. They are both delicate, and the skin is thinner on these body parts. Alcohol-free salves are the best way of preventing chaps and sores. After all, you don’t want to ditch lipstick, just because it’s winter.

Okay, so these may not be the coolest fashion accessory in the land. But, if you want to make sure that your hands and feet are a dream, it’s vital that you sleep in moisturizing socks and mittens. Your feet can take a pounding in the winter. Socks, tough boots and heels can cause cracks in your heels. So, get your moisturizing socks on to make sure that your toes are pretty and perky.

For a more skin-deep treatment that will go beyond the outer layer of your skin, try Revitol Phytoceramides. The harsh elements can cause damage to all of the layers of skin. You can beat the impact of fine lines and aging that severe weather can bring. It’s not just the sun that you have to be wary of. Many people slather themselves in SPF in the summer, but forget about the impact of winter. So, make sure that you are smoothing your skin with a thick, creamy moisturizer. Not only will your skin be more supple, but a thicker cream will work into all of the layers of skin.

Occasional skin treats 

I've recently become a big fan of using honey mixed with a bit of sugar to create the perfect, holistic scrub. It really works to make my skin glow, but I'll admit it's a challenge trying not to eat honey off my face.

You can also steal some inspiration from Cleopatra by bathing in milk. But, before you start adding dairy to your bath, there are some more contemporary milk-based solutions you can use. Opt for a bubble bath that has at least 12% lactic acid (the ingredient found in milk) for great exfoliating properties.

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  1. The bathing in milk bit is really great, friend of mine swears by it, body brushing, and cocoa butter.

  2. I need to start sleeping in moisurising socks! I used to do this all the time but I haven't done it for years, it makes all the difference!

    Tara x

  3. I don't think I've ever tried moisturizing socks before but I always rinse my feet before I go to red and then put on lotion! And ooOo I wanna try the honey and sugar scrub!


  4. Some great tips! I think sleeping with moisturising socks makes such a difference to your feet!

    xx Hannah

  5. These are wonderful tips- I love moisturizing socks!


  6. I know, winter is awful to our hair, mouth and skin, but I love it anyway. I like your tips. They are super helpful


  7. I find it so important to keep my hands and my lips moisturized, they actually start hurting when they get dry in the winter. I have never heard of moisturized mittens and socks, I want to try them!!


  8. Your tips are great! My skin goes all crazy in the winter months.

  9. Bahahaha, blogging in winter can indeed be rough. I find it's nice to post other things and write more stories in the winter... my hair gets so flat and dry in the winter. It's ridiculous.

    I feel you on the chapstick thing. But heck no, I wouldn't ditch lipstick for it either! I usually carry around a moisturizing lipstick or put chapstick then lipstick on top which doesn't always work but... hey... >___> why not.

  10. I've never really heard of moisturizing socks and mittens! Gotta step my game up. ;) Thanks for the tips!

    Love, Karina
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