Friday, April 29, 2011

[FAT]- Day 3

The third day of the Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week was the busiest one so far.  Excuse my lessened descriptions- it was difficult to take notes while standing up (yes, I couldn't get a seat).  It tends to be a bit chilly in the venue, so I'm kind of glad there was a large crowd that warmed the runway room so I could take off my blazer to show off my Rachel Sin Shiloh dress. I honestly have never worn a dress like this and felt so dolled up- even my prom wasn't this fancy!

Speaking of Rachel Sin, she opened up the first runway set of "Fashion/Unfashion" with her "Model on the runway vs. Model off duty" concept.  Her pieces were quite reminiscent of what was shown at Ottawa Fashion week, but with the help of Gande del Avante jewellery, the outfits were more extravagant than ever.  Chunky necklaces and large dangling earrings spiced up her cocktail professional collection.  Wani by Saki opened with a ballerina that wore an oriental-esque floral pattern.  The rest of the collection held a retro feel with eclectic patterns, white trims, hot pink accents, black lace, and sequin shorts.  Aimée was next to take the runway with models walking to Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls".  The music set the mood for a cool collection of cropped blouses, diagonally cut shorts, and semi-sheer materials.  Next up was Breeyn McCarney with her fabulous collection made of paper, wire, and LED lights.  The paper dresses amazed with frilly layers, flower cutouts, and doily-like patterns.  The designs were lovely, but it was even more marvelous when we consider that paper was the medium.

Heidi Ackerman began the second set with her anticipated collection with Lindsay Sinclair.  This collection was all about the wooden structures that acted as an extension of the skin with V-shapes around the neck and ankles.  Spiral structures around the arms and hands were also very intriguing.  The clothing resembled baggy, puffy rain gear in contrast to the solid structures.  Ruth Weil took the runway next with her soft gothic collection with romantic undertones.  An interesting pattern was the web-like strokes in black and orange outfits.  This collection also featured sheers and light ruffles along the neckline, shoulders, and waist.  Another quirky collection came from Anastasia Lomonova.  Her models bared no skin as their faces, arms, and legs were covered with bandage-like cloth.  The neutral and black collection showed draped shirts and skirts with pretty ties.  NRT Fashions (by Nicole Rita Tomney) amazed viewers too with a daring punk collection.  Some models wore tape over their mouths or breasts.  An interesting design was a transparent case-like object worn, fashioned in the same shape as a t-shirt.

Photos by isabeltphotography

Uta Bekaia for Saint Hollywood was first up in the third runway set with its collection that showed extravagant shoulder details that were horizontally structured, winged, pointed, and decorated.  Flame shapes were also prominent in dresses.  Next was Haphazard and its collection called "The Asylum".  Models wore straitjacket-like shirts with long sleeves that restricted their arms, connected to other articles of clothing, and connected them with each other.  Wendy Ng of Dystropolis brought on a punk/goth feel with her collection, "Apocalypse of Black Venom".  This collection showed a dangerous look of pointed shoulders, studded belts, and high collars that covered the neck.  The final collection of the night was from House of Etiquette and their mesmerizing latex outfits.  These skin-tight styles looked painted onto the models.  Most outfits were black, red, and/or white, but there were also transparent latex leggings.

Photos by isabeltphotography

Day 3 of |FAT| was super tiring and all I want to do is sleep right now (it's 3:30 a.m.), but I know I'll miss it after it's last hourrah tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll have more pictures tomorrow to update this post with- I've been using |FAT|'s Flickr photos, and as I write this post, there's a ton of designers without photos of their collection, so hopefully that goes up soon.

Images via |FAT|'s Flickr.unless otherwise stated

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  1. I'm so upset I missed this. Another thing about school and overlapping exam season.


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