Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wearing my heart under my sleeve

The lovely Lace and Berries has tagged me with The Versatile Blogger award. With this, I give you 7 random facts about me and one post dedicated to an accessory relating to my background.  In between the photos, you'll find the 7 facts about me.

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but in every one of my pictures, I'm wearing a silver bracelet.  This bracelet was given to me by my grandma last year, and I haven't taken it off since.  The story goes that this bracelet was made from some of the first coins that my great grandfather made when he first came to the United States.  With those coins, he sent them back to Hong Kong to have them made into a bracelet.  So in short, the coins are made from a few American dimes ranging from 1931-1944.  I like keeping my heritage on me always.  It serves as a constant reminder of my familial ties and of what hard work can do.

1.  I have mild face blindness. I don't recognize people I know by their face- I have to use other cues like their clothes, hair, the setting I associate them with, their voice, height, etc.
2.  My eyes are asymmetrical- it's a pain to put on eyeliner!
 3.  I'm an emotional eater- happiness, sadness, boredom, sleepiness, stress, and tranquility are all emotions.

 4.  I can't play boardgames with others because I easily get annoyed at their lack of competition.  I'm much more likely to play with my family where we all have basically the same competitive edge & trivial knowledge (for games like Cranium).

 5.  I still get a little scared when I have to go down to the basement alone.

 6.  If you call me while I'm watching Grey's Anatomy, I won't answer the phone.

7.  I have photographic memory.  During an exam, I'm actually able to "flip" through pages of notes that I can see in my mind.

I pass this award along to:
-These bones are mine
-Try it on me
-Maycie after five

I look forward to seeing all of your facts about yourself!
And thanks again to Kristie of Lace and Berries!


  1. really interesting facts, and the bracelet is amazing. what a great story. i love that you wear it to remind you of your roots :)

  2. I can't even describe how cool the story is behind your coin bracelet. It's amazing!

    Yep, I'm 27 years old and still afraid to go down to dark basements alone too. It's kinda silly. Keep up the good work and thanks for passing the award on to me. I really appreciate it. Take care...

  3. hey girlie!

    not true about the competition with boardgames, I will take you anytime! haha keep up the good work!

    much love,

  4. Wow, I'm totally flattered! Thank you so much. I've really enjoyed checking out your blog too! xo

  5. wow that bracelet is so charming. and has a great story which makes it better.

    i am so jealous of #7, i wish i had that.

    oh and i agree with you on boardgames!

  6. Such great jewelry! I have a similar bracelet that was my grandmothers!

    You have a great blog! Please take a look at my blog and if you like it, follow? I'd really appreciate the support! xx

  7. I also like a good fight during board games, no wishy washy stuff. And, for the record, there was a period of time when I was afraid to go down into our basement because I was convinced a squatter was there. Which was ridiculous.

  8. I won't answer when my mom calls during Grey's and I always feel bad. But, now I feel a little better because someone else does it, too. :)

  9. This bracelet is amazing! It is so unique and the best part of it is that it is a part of history. I love this! On a side note, I can "see" my notes in my head during exams too. How weird is that?

  10. I only saw this post now! Just wanted to say that your story behind the bracelet is beautiful. :)


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