Sunday, April 10, 2011

Got a hand on time

Is it a watch?  Is it a ring?  Oh look, it's both!  From afar, it's a shiny green ring; but up close, it's a handy time-telling device (no pun intended).  This ring features an elastic silver band to fit around fingers comfortably.  There have been times where I wished the band was a bit thinner, but I wear a lot more chunky jewelry now, so it's hardly an issue.  This is quite a fun piece to have- I enjoy the expressions that people give me once they realize that I'm wearing a finger-watch.  The face of the watch is actually fairly large, so telling time is clear.  I think I actually have watches with smaller faces than this ring.  I also like the detailing of the face that it includes markers for each hour.  Honestly, I've had issues in the past where I've ended up an hour late/early with watches that had an empty face- it can be hard to tell the hour sometimes!


  1. That looks so handy! (no pun intended!) Very cute!

  2. It's adorable! I love the color too. I used to have a ring watch as well but I think it was a mood ring watch... which was awesome! One day it stopped working, and I have no idea where it is now, haha

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  3. I like it, mainly because I am not fan of watches. So this is perfect.


  4. That's a very, very pretty watch-ring. I really like the stones around it


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