Monday, October 31, 2011

Stay golden

For these photos, I set out with a friend to give her a glimpse of what it's like to be a fashion blogger.  To her surprise, it wasn't just about standing somewhere and taking photos. Let me give you a little look at what I taught her:

1.  Your clothes should match your setting. I'm in golden shorts and rusty orange, which perfectly reflect fall foliage, so I'm gonna go find a background that matches that. Your photos are almost like a story- it doesn't make sense if you're in a pretty dress posing by the back door of your apartment.

2.  Be aware of lighting.  We practically had to run to take these photos before the sun went down.  Yes, photoshop can fix bad lighting a bit, but nothing beats natural light (I find partial overcast to be best).

3.  Try your hardest not to be awkward.  Oh yes, this step takes a lot of getting used to.  It can be a tad embarrassing and rather awkward posing in front of a camera, especially if you're at a place with people or cars passing by.  Ignore it- you're a blogger; just do what you gotta do to shine!

4.  Work the angles.  People like interesting photos that show off outfits, so it's all a combination of setting, lighting, and angles.  You're gonna want full body shots, close-ups of interesting outfit pieces, and even just purely artistic shots that stray away from simple shots where you just stand there in the middle.

BONUS: Find a photographer who's not afraid to tell you you're being ugly.  If you're like me and tend to be awkward, don't know how to pose or work the angles, you're gonna need a photographer that can help you out and tell you how to position yourself.  "Relax...don't make that face- look away from the camera!" Stuff like that can definitely make for a better final result.

And oh hey, it's Music Monday! It feels like a while since I've posted on a Monday. Anyway, here's a song from my autumn playlist, which is essentially a playlist that includes songs that have a line somewhere about changing leaves or summer fading.


  1. great post! i definitly agree with you! amazing photos and interesting text, really nice post ;)

  2. I love your vest! so cute!

  3. I LOVE that vest!!!

    Stop by my blog soon, I am doing a GREAT giveaway :)

    -xoxo Linds

  4. LOL !!! These instructions are too cute.Especially #3

  5. Love this look and the color of the shorts. I so love shorts with tights!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  6. Love the yellow shorts! What about following each other? If you followed me, I'd follow back! :) Just let me know. xo Vivi

  7. i like your outfit! specially the fur vest *


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