Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pretend that you wanted lemons

This is a terrible skirt.

It didn't begin that way though.  I mean, with a neutral colour that goes with pretty much everything, a classy panel design, and a $13 pricetag, how could I go wrong?

Let it be noted that the skirt has a lining that causes it to shift.  I didn't know that when I wore it for these quick photos.  I also didn't notice as I got dressed for work one day.  I definitely noticed when the zipper at the back found itself to the front of my outfit.  Okay, quickly shifted it back in an empty elevator, and I was good to go again.

But going back home, I noticed hat the zipper was shifting again and quickly finding itself to my side.  Well, when life gives you lemons, pretend that you wanted lemons.  So for the rest of the day, I walked with my bag strategically hung over my elbow so my hand would be in a subtle position to hold my skirt in place as I walked.  I kept the zipper at the side of my dress so I could keep track of where it was, preventing it from being at a noticeably awkward (and obviously unintentional) position. Zipper at the back?  Naw, it's a side zipper.  It's supposed to be like this.

What I'm wearing:
-Taupe skirt from Forever 21
-Beige and white striped sweater
-Nude heels


  1. Thats too bad it kept moving around on you! Good cover tho ;)

  2. oh! I hate skirts like this. Some of the ones I have aren't the same colour all the way around so when it's crooked it's really obvious. I've done that thing as well with my bag and hand haha. Shame, it's a cute skirt! :P

  3. Oh noooo! It's a cute skirt but don't you just hate when something you're wearing malfunctions?


  4. Even though the skirt must have annoyed you, you look absolutely terrific!

  5. Love the heels! I have to buy a pair like those

    Quemando Fantasias

  6. Love this neutral colored, classy outfit! The striped blouse and skirt are perfect. <3

    PS: Win a $50 voucher for Dark Horse Jewelry on my blog!
    Trendy Teal

  7. Love those shoes. I have to get a pair just like them. They make your legs look really long.

  8. Love these neutral colours on you, and the stripes! Too bad it kept shifting on you though; a lot of my skirts do that as well & it drives me crazy!

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  9. aw, its too bad it shifts like that! Its so cute! :( I've had wardrobe malfunctions like that before, no fun! Adorable outfit though! :)


  10. Lovely outfit! So elegant! :)

    Thaks for your very sweet comment btw :D

    Wanna follow each other, if you don't mind?

  11. Thanks for the sweet comment and visiting my blog!!
    I love the neutral colors of your outfit! So classy and stylish.

  12. I hate it when you buy something only to find out it's SO uncomfortable to wear. Ugh. Cuz then it's too late to return it. The skirt looks cute & you got creative with hiding the moving zipper so it's all good!

  13. Oh my gosh! I love this!

    "When life gives you lemons, pretend you wanted the lemons."

    Best thing I've heard all day


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