Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Calendars don't tell me the season

Happy first day of summer, boys and girls! Well, my calendar says it's the first day anyway.  In my opinion, the summer weather has been here for a while now.  Anyway, with summer finally officially here, I bring you my 5 picks for summer essentials.

1.  A wide-brimmed woven hat.  Caution- peripheral will be limited!
2.  Nude platform heels.  Substituting for wedges is permitted.
3.  A lovely printed summer dress.  Bold stripes or florals preferred.
4.  Retro or vintage-inspired sunnies.  Coloured rims are encouraged.
5.  Adorable satchel or messenger bag.  What, you were expecting a witty followup comment?

So lovelies, whether "summer" for you is the beach, the cottage, the patio, or the mall, enjoy it in style.


  1. I'm definitely a summer dresses type of gal!

    Live Life in Style

  2. Great post! I for sure love summer dresses! :)


  3. I wish it was warm enough to wear summer dresses here!

  4. absolutely agree with your 5 picks!! I would just add sunscreen!:-)


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