Thursday, June 16, 2011

It takes a runway

AMH Style hosted the "It Takes A Runway" event in partnership with Miss Universe Canada hopeful, Betsy Leimbigler.  The event aimed to raise money and awareness for the SOS Children's Village charity.  I gotta admit, I (and my family) am a sucker for beauty pageants, especially Miss Universe.  So it was quite interesting to get to know a contestant striving to represent Canada and to get an insight of the processes before the actual show.  The event featured runway shows and buying booths, and some bubbly and sweets.

Mafia Jewellery remains my favourite jewelers for their outstandingly unique designs.  My new favourite necklace: a pendant where you can actually load the gun!  I'm going to have to blog on that later.  Pish Posh also had some really adorable pieces that looked timeless, yet trendy.  Pica jewelry was all about the feathers.  Feathers are quite in now, yes?  Leah Christina offered some simple and cute pieces.  I especially liked the beaded bracelets.  Clothing was designed by Emilia Torabi and Jana Hanzel with their individual collections that were stunning as usual.  My new thing is hats, so I definitely enjoyed the oversized headpieces.

Emilia Torabi

Jana Hanzel

This was kind of an awkward event for me at times.  I'm kind of an awkward person.  I'm a bit surprised that I was unphased that I barely knew anyone walking in actually.  Where it got weird was photos.  Sometimes, I feel like a photographer's trying to take a candid photo of me, but I notice and it's I just keep going about as normal without acknowledging that you might be taking a photo?  But even when a photographer was trying to pose me, it was fairly awkward. We resorted to me closing my eyes and opening them on the count of 3 so I appear more natural.

I left a bit early to catch the hockey game though.  Don't think I missed too much of the game, huh.


  1. are so cute! i know what you mean about awkward....i'm just about the same!!!!! xoxo Pica! it was nice meeting you!!

  2. Aww what a great event, but I totally know what you mean about feeling awkward at these events with the "hired" photographer. I always try and pose anyway...can't help it. I'm the most un candid photo taker ever. If I don't pose I look

    Live Life in Style

  3. I'm glad you posted about the event- I really wanted to go (especially since it's a 5 min walk from my place) but life just got in the way. You always look great in photos- I would never think that you were awkward!

  4. This sounds like so much fun, it would be so cool to get photographed but I must admit I feel awkward too.xoxo, Veena <3


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