Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fact 10 is my favourite

Oh look, another 10 facts about me!  I'll keep this short and simple.

Thanks to Shasie from Live Life In Style for another blog award!  I must admit that I think I've cheated with all but one award.  Yet again, I've decided to cut down the amount of facts and the number of bloggers I'm passing this along to.

10 (more) facts about me:

1.  I always listen to the radio when I get ready in the morning.
2.  I prefer the aisle seat over the window seat.
3.  I tend to tell people that I've never dyed my hair. I've actually attempted to dye it's just never been a very noticeable change.
4.  I've never seen or read any Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings series.
5.  I've never watched Inception, Avatar, or The Dark Knight.
6.  I rarely use YouTube.
7.  My singing's so bad, even I don't wanna listen to it.
8.  I dislike the fact that I'm beginning to acquire my mother's sense of style.
9.  I wear my fake glasses more than I wear my prescription pair.
10.  I want to try to eat a whole large pizza in one sitting.

You should give these blogs a look because I pass the award onto them:


  1. lovely facts :) a whole pizza - that's a challenge!

  2. #7 makes me laugh! You NEED to watch Inception, it's seriously MIND-BLOWING!
    THANK YOU so much for the award, it means so much! :)

    ps- your blog is SO ADORABLE, no wonder you received the award! congrats!! and I creeped on your last few posts haha, I loved them all.
    thanks again girl!

    xo Grace

  3. Haha! Your facts are great!! I prefer the aisle over the window too, I like to stretch my leg in the aisle and I can get up whenever I want without climbing over people.

    You've never read HP or LOTR, and have never seen Inception, Avatar, or The Dark Knight? lol, wow is it because you have no interest in them? Avatar wasn't that great, I don't know why people hyped that one so much!

    Live Life in Style

  4. Love these fun facts about other people :P I always listen to the radio when I get ready, too. Sometimes silence is so boring! x

  5. Those 10 facts are so fun to read. Congratulations to the bloggers that you awarded this to! xoxo, Veena <3

  6. I LOVE your banner! the first outfit is my fave.
    and with #4 I haven't read any harry potter anyways. I'm not really that into dumbledorfs if that's what their called haha

    It'd mean a lot if you stopped by my blog and maybe followed it? :)


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