Monday, June 6, 2011

MTV Movie Awards 2011 fashion

Another awards show, another night of dolled up stars.  Or at least, that's the goal for the MTV Movie Awards. Instead of doing my usual list of best and worst dressed, I'll do one list of "interesting" looks.

Selena Gomez had a pretty good look going for her.  MSN Canada said that she looked mismatched, but I disagree.  Sure, her top and bottom might not be perfectly the same colour, but the light neutral tones with a touch of mint are a lovely mix.  Her look is quite clean and refined.

Holy shoes! I feel like Amanda Bynes has had better looks, but this outfit isn't half bad.  I might have easily overlooked it if it wasn't for her crazy shoes that made me double-take.  High, turquoise, and fringy?  Now those are statement shoes.

Okay, she's young and relatively new to the red carpet scene. So, I'll let it slide that Elle Fanning's outfit looks like something I'd wear on a regular day. It's super cute on her though, no? I'm a little undecided about a full floral romper paired with floral shoes though. Floral overload?

Emma Stone was looking beautiful in a rusty taupe dress. I love the detailing of the subtle floral design and fringe at the bottom of the dress.  The black bow around the waste is also an elegant way to accentuate the waist.  Paired with satiny copper pointed-toe shoes, this was definitely one of the dressier looks of the night.

This looks familiar...oh right, I think I saw this on JLo at the Grammy's.  Leighton Meester's metallic silver dress comes out looking a little flat in comparison.  It's still a head-turning dress, but it doesn't absolutely WOW me. 

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  1. i love emma stone's!

  2. I love your writing style, you're definitely one of my favourite blogs! <3 I totally agree with all these critiques, Emma Stone took my breath away for sure though! Thanks for sharing! Lots of love from your follower, Veena <3

  3. Love the critiquing on everyone's outfit. It's amazing to know someone thinks EXACTLY like me! When I saw Elle Fanning's floral, I was like..whoa floral overload and then saw you wrote the same thing! haha great minds think alike ;)

    xo Grace

  4. I actually really love Elle Fannings outfit, I hate it when young girls dress like they're 30 so it's incredibly refreshing to see her dressing like the young girl she is!
    Lovely blog you've got :)


  5. wooww the last Dress is awesome!!



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