Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hockey fashion

Canada's got hockey fever. Most people are abuzz with talk of what's going to happen in the final Game 7 between Vancouver and Boston for the win. And that's just in Ottawa- I can't even imagine what it's like in Vancouver! Tomorrow's going to be kind of a weird day for me. There's a charity runway show that I'm excited about, but at the same time, it overlaps with the game. Now, I never thought I'd be choosing between sports and fashion. I'm usually not the sports type, but I kinda jumped on the bandwagon for this one. 

So through my planning of how to run around and not miss too much of either event, I wondered, "if only I could combine hockey and fashion".  And here we have a makeshift fashionable colourful support for the team.  Using items from Topshop, I've created a little ensemble that would work to attend a fashion show and a pub to cheer on the team.  Note the majority blue with white and green accents- like the Canucks' jerseys.  I'm a little proud of this thought.  If only I had the right mix in my closet. But I don't have a blue dress. Or a white bag. Or green shoes.

I'd totally wear this on a regular day even if it wasn't hockey season. I'll definitely be blogging about the fashion show later, and maybe my little adventure from fashion to sport.  I'll be live tweeting like I usually do on my twitter though. 


  1. perfect!! i love this. fashion is the best, but ya gotta love hockey too. this outfit would be so great for cheering on the canucks! go vancouver!


  2. my friends in vancouver non stop talking about it! wish i could see the seventh game! i see u have twitter! im following u there now. @theliya


  3. All my Canadian friends are nuts for hockey, it drives me crazy! I love this Topshop ensemble, it's a great idea to support your team through colors!
    xoxo, Veena <3


  4. Cute idea! I love the color combo to support your team!

    Live Life in Style


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