Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't dink and drance

One thing I learned from working at Ottawa Fashion Week was how to get creative with black.  As part of the standard uniform, we had to be dressed in full black to be recognized as staff.  Say hello to one of my outfits from last weekend (yes, ohh, the blog backlog!).  I was definitely feeling a love for lace.  I found myself taking photos with my elbows up just to show off my lace batwing sleeves, until my arms got tired.  I've been pretty enthusiastic about the edgy lace look lately- none of the traditional prissy tablecloth lace, no.  My only slight regret from fashion week?  Not wearing sunglasses indoors. It's a nice cherry on top for this outfit, but a tad hard to see runway fashions through a tinted lens.

What I'm wearing: 
-Black shirt 
-Floral fishnet stockings 
-Black skirt from Garage 
-Black wedges from Costa Blanca X


  1. awesome outfit, i am loving your shoes! :)


  2. i love everything in this outfit! cool! <3


  3. I totally like your stocking! It's very sexy and pretty! Your hardwork is worth it cos the lace dress look pretty on you! =)

  4. omg finally caught up to your posts! so:

    1. happy thanksgiving! hope you had fun in TO playing on your playstation!
    2. wasn't too big of fan from the kania show, she showed the same/very similar designs from previous collections but added feathers... i mean her stuff is nice, but people need to see past the gimmicks to say that a show is "good" ya know?
    3. looks like ralph leory is having some wardrobe malfunction from your pic
    4. TOTALLY LOVE THIS OUTFIT (in this post) ON YOU!!

  5. Hi lovely,
    I really like your outfit!You look so pretty;)
    I just found your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers.Follow back?:)
    P.s Autumn giveaway:win $75 and $25 gifcards to the store of your choice!

  6. Your outfit is gorgeous! I love the combination of lace. Those wedges are beautiful!


  7. i love the whole outfit! at first glance i though u were wearing a dress... i love the lace details going on,.. really cool!

    ps. please join my giveaway!!

  8. you look great, I love your wedges :)


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