Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank you, kind stalker

I received a mysterious envelope in the mail a while back. It it was a Visa gift card.  The only indication of who sent it was a name at a company email address.  I have never heard of this person, nor the company.  Firstly, I'm a little creeped out that someone was able to send something to my home address, which I seldom disclose.  But after a while, hey it's a free gift card, right?  I'm not sure why it was sent to me, how they found me, or who they really are, but thanks, Mr. Kind Stalker.

Today, I set out to spend the gift card.  Might as well honour a gift, right?  So I wanted shoes.  And oh my, did I find shoes.  I came out with three pairs actually.  The trouble is that I don't think I'll keep all of them- I need to decide on a pair!  And the new trouble is that none of them fit perfectly, so I'm trying to test my threshold for pain.  I think an exchange of sizes is definitely called for. 

I'm in love with the silver pair because of its uniqueness, I adore the camel colour because it's classic, and I've been searching for a bright red pair like that for quite some time.  So you see, I have a certain attachment to all of them.  Help me decide which colour to keep!


  1. I agree with adele above, if none of them fit properly its not worth getting bunions for! You should easily be able to find shoes that like which fit better because they are all over!

  2. haha that is kind of creepy lol what was the company name?

    this shoes are gorgeous! except its a bummer they dont fit right because you prob wont wear them that much now, i always make sure shoes fit before i buy them


  3. damn.. thats kind creepy. but free shoes. why. not. HAHA

  4. all these shoes are BEAUTIFUL! but the silver and red ones are my favourite!


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