Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ottawa Fashion Week S/S '12: Day 2 recap

Day 2 of Ottawa Fashion Week brought on a spectacle of performances to accompany the fashion.  A little less of things that I would actually buy, but there's nothing wrong with unconventional fashion, right?

First up was Illyria with straight cuts and cutout back dresses that added an edge to a refined look.  Next up was Karine Breton with her "Everyone Has a Dream" collection.  This quirky collection of binary opposites featured outfits with loose hems paired with structured cuts.  Particularly interesting was the umbrella-like shoulder decals.  Kania brought the party to the runway with models that practically danced down the catwalk while wearing extravagant feathers.  The clothing itself came in a variety of loose and curve-hugging cuts, but honestly, the feathers and fun energy of the models stole the show.  The whole audience was up in a standing ovation, fairly tempted to join along in the dancing.

Nu.I kicked off the second set with an energetic collection of abstract patterns, florals, coloured accents, and long dangly earrings.  Vibrancy and practicality were prevalent here, which made this collection a fave of mine.  Next was Barcelona designer Alexis Reyna with his tribal zombie-esque collection.  Loose cuts and mesh were popular designs, which Reyna affirmed by walking out in mesh shorts and giving the audience an...intimate view of himself.  Tribal zombie clothing is one thing, but the caveman-looking Reyna acting as paparazzi to his own models definitely made an entertaining production out of his show.

Ralph Leroy was first in the final set of the night.  His collection was reminiscent of the elements with firey designs, hot rain gear, and impressive flowy hemlines.  This designer definitely did not shy away from vivid colour, which was a refreshing change from others.  Lastly, we had Travis Teddeo who brought on simpler cuts with draped necklines and semi-sheer light fabrics.

Overall, I was more impressed with the execution of the shows that turned into entertaining performances rather than the fashions themselves.  Okay, so I get distracted easily and the fashion almost became secondary to a unique showing.

*Photos were taken by me but belong to Ottawa Fashion Week 
*Views expressed are my own and not of Ottawa Fashion Week


  1. i adore the carnival theme in some of the collections, it's just so much fun! and i agree, i think sometimes the show is a spectacle rather than about the clothes...

  2. I loved the Kania show - but I agree, the showmanship sort of overshadowed the clothes a little, but it was certainly one of the most fun and energetic shows of the whole weekend.

    I also loved Travis Taddeo's pieces - so wearable and versatile, I thought, much moreso than some of the others.


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