Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look at anything but the haircut

Oh look, a new bag! Yes, the focus of this post is solely for the purpose of showing off my new camera bag satchel. ...Okay fine, and the fact that my hair is almost a foot shorter.  Not that it's a bad haircut, but I just really miss my long hair.  I haven't had mid-length hair like this in 4 years, I think.  Don't quite feel like myself yet, but I know the feeling will pass.  For now, prepare for a slew of photos with my hair tied up.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying hunting around my neighbourhood for photo locations.  This little forest-like area with a small creek was found behind some industrial buildings.  It was quaint, hidden and lovely, but also protected by geese.  I tried to keep my distance since...well, geese are mean.  They hiss, they scowl, and they make a big mess.  I would've loved to go back to take more photos, but the fear of being attacked by a goose (and its flock!) trumps the blog.

What I'm wearing:
-Blue Polo Ralph Lauren blouse
-Tan shorts from Forever 21
-Camera bag satchel (yay eBay!)

Oh, and before you say that my haircut isn't that drastic, please have a look at the last photo I could find that shows how long my hair was (via Pop Champagne & Demu...and with them). 


  1. haha funny i just got my haircut too! omg that has to be the coolest camera bag i have ever seen!


  2. pretty outfit and the pictures are beautiful

  3. I used to keep my hair that long too! i kind of loved it.... and kind of hated it at the same time.


  4. What a pretty area, you're lucky :)
    and I absolutely adore your bag!
    Life is a romantic poem
    My first giveaway

  5. Oh I really like that satchel! I think I need one of those myself...I keep squishing my camera and banging it against stuff when it's just loose around my neck. Great outfit!

  6. Thank you so much for your nice comment, honey! :)
    Your blog is great! Love your nice style!



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