Sunday, November 6, 2011

The duct tape dress

It has finally been completed. After about 10 hours, 4 rolls of duct tape, and a few minor duct tape related injuries, the duct tape dress is finished.  Admittedly, the top is rather sloppy since that's the first part of the dress that I was experimenting with, but overall, not bad for a first try.  And I really didn't have the attention span to read any guides on how to do this, so the whole thing was trial & error.

Being the non-crafty person that I am, I didn't use any measurements.  I just guessed, which did get me in trouble once or twice where I had to cut myself out of the dress.  The beauty of working with duct tape though is that I could just fold over the bits that weren't perfect.

As for the back of the dress? Why no, I wasn't just too lazy to finish the back, and it isn't a drop-back just because I fail at measurements. I swear. Really.
...Okay, maybe just a little.

I was inspired by a few of the designers that I've done interviews with in the past. Structure and "doing weird things" seemed to be re-occurring themes for them, so I went with that as my working inspiration. I find alternative fashion interesting- the unconventional creativity without the limitations of commercialism is pretty fascinating. Here, I was going for a sort of 'futuristic gothic doll' sorta thing.

I'm actually pretty satisfied with my results. I'd totally wear this out in public somewhere where wearing duct tape clothing was deemed acceptable. Seriously, what does one do with a duct tape dress now?

Want to know how to make a duct tape dress? Check out my how-to guide here!

Thanks to Michelle CS for the photos!


  1. I love that it is finally finished!! After all the trials and tribulations and injuries! I have to say - job well done!

  2. The tinted photos really show off the duct tape! I think it's just dang cool that you made it. You should wear it out next friday night! ;)

  3. It looks awesome! Great first attempt!!/MandyCrandell

  4. Wow!!! you make duct tape look fabulous!

  5. Love the duct tape dress - you did such an amazing job on it! Can't wait to see your next duct tape creation :)

  6. That is really cool! I bet that dress is just about indestructible.


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