Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colourful conundrum

This season is all about the bold. Bold patterns, bold colours, etc.  They're absolutely eye-catching and stunning (when combined right), but what about once those colours go out of style?  Pieces such as colourful coats seem like seasonal trend pieces rather than timeless classics.  Sure, they look great for now, but they're one of those items that would make me go "what was I thinking?!" once they're out of style.  I've been tempted to buy a colourful blazer now and again, but I keep trying to remind myself that trends come and go.  Bold colours seem to be one of those trends where when it's out, it's unacceptable to wear. 

Are bold colours/patterns considered a timeless piece (and investment), or are they simply a seasonal fad that will leave people with a colourful closet asking themselves why they gave into the trend?


  1. I myself love a bold colour, and will wear them no matter what! Maybe things like colour blocking might be less popular - at least colour blocking of intense bright colours, but a pop of bright colour is always great in my books.

  2. Hmm I never thought of it that way- I am a big colour gal but then again I don't seem to care if something is in style or not- I just wear what feels good!

  3. I've been wondering this too, I really love bold colours and I think if you buy classic styles they will probably always be in style as long as you feel comfortable wearing bright colour

  4. I like the bold bright colors but I think fashion is always changing so I figure it will be out for a while but everything always comes back so its good to keep them! :)


  5. I love these pics!full of colours :)great blog.i am following you now.follow back if u like dear :)

  6. I so want some colorful blazers from Zara! I love them!

    Live Life in Style


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