Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sensible or silly?

I saw someone wearing something similar to this today. She was wearing a blue romper with dusty brown boots.  Now in pictures, boots and dresses (or shorts) have a certain edgy appeal to them.  Adds a little something extra to an otherwise pristine feminine look.  But what about in regular daily life?  The mercury's starting to rise, and wearing boots is hot! So my question to you: is wearing boots in the summer acceptable?

I think it depends on the styling of the boot.  If you are to do boots in the heat, I'd stick with calf-length boots or ankle booties.  Soft leather usually makes the look a little less heavy too. By the way, this is only debatable for "fashion boots".  Don't even get me started on UGGs in the summer.

From this pic, the boot kind of completes the outfit, doesn't it? Makes it a little rocker/country.  That dress is adorable on its own too.  Cute buttons, ribbons, and strings? Yes, please!

Image from 80s Purple


  1. I would choose boots over any other summer shoe. Burn flips flops, I say. The boot stays!

  2. i feel like this is a hard look to pull off. it has to be the exact right boot! but definitely has the potential to be awesome.

  3. i agree! i wear this miss KG boots all the time and they are lightweight and just above ankle love them. think leather maybe a no and knee length


  4. Yea...the whole heavy boots in the summertime thing is cool for an air conditioned photoshoot, but I don't think I would last two seconds in an outfit like that in the Houston heat!

    Live Life in Style

  5. I think wearing boots in summer is ok, if you stay inside... It would be too uncomfortable to wear them outside, in the sun, I guess.


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