Sunday, May 8, 2011

Feeling a tad Shiloh

After a depressing few weeks of exam stress, you can only imagine my instant turnaround of joy when I received an email from Ukamaku saying that designer Rachel Sin wanted to dress a few of her media attendees for |FAT|.  I instantly fell in love with the Shiloh dress for its cute bubble skirt with subtle ruffle fabric.  And of course, there's the asymmetrical metallic strap. I almost wanted to walk into rooms backwards just to show of the detailing of the back of the dress.

I'm quite the fashionista on a budget, so in all honesty, I've never worn anything so expensive.  Not that the dress is expensive; in fact, it's quite reasonably priced at $250.  I just never make pricey purchases, nor do I have many occasions to be fancy.  Even my prom dress was under $100.  Considering this, I used this as a golden opportunity to get dolled up.  I've never felt fancier.  Prom's got nothing on this.

See more of Rachel Sin's fabulous dresses on her website.


  1. I loved the Rachel Sin show at OFW - and you look amazing in this dress! Lovely

  2. this dress is GORGEOUS
    and looks amazing on you!

  3. That is such an amazing dress! So fun!

    Live Life in Style

  4. i love it!

  5. What a beautiful dress! Looks great on you! :)

  6. it is a really beautiful dress, love the bubble shape too and asymmetric strap. Well done on completing your exams :) x

  7. Wow!! Beautiful're stunning!!!

    Love the blog, by the way!

  8. hi sab! thanks for the comment! i followed u too! :))


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