Monday, May 23, 2011

Eccentric eyewear

Well folks, I'm about a year late on the StumbleUpon bandwagon, but I've finally decided to try it out on a lazy long weekend day.  Now let me bring your attention to one of my findings- Ketevane Maissaia sunglasses.  It's not the actual frames that are interesting, but their interesting legs.  Structured and oversized, I wonder what they would feel like on a person's face. I always complain about eyewear being uncomfortable, and I'm sure these would bring discomfort to a new level.

Would you want to rock these glasses?

Alone, they look pretty strange. But they did a great job making them look pretty reasonable on the model. If they weren't $775 CAD, I might consider getting a pair. There's a certain bizarre charm to them, though I'm sure many people would disagree.


  1. These are definitely different.

  2. Interesting sunglasses! They are pretty different but I am not sure about wearing them for myself.

  3. thanks for sharing! it's just now that i get to see that kind of glasses. looks weird and uncomfortable to wear. but yes, the model rocked it, definitely. she looks so pretty.

    a twist to the average nerdy glasses ;p

    much love,

  4. I don't know about those. I think I might have to pass on those!

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