Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Without a map

This week is simply glorious! I've never really been an outdoorsy kind of person, so for me to want to spend every waking moment outdoors, that's saying something.  Okay, so my version of outdoors is taking a long walk downtown, but it's still something.  I loved strolling along the city streets with the sun on my back, wind in my hair, and my "Cheerful Tunes" playlist.  After an hour and a half, my pace started weakening though.  Strappy sandal syndrome had caught up with me.  I was about 2 blocks away from my apartment when a sharp sting in my ankle kicked in.  Yep, that would be a blister.  I was so close to making it! Well, I guess I still made it home walking; rather, limping.

What I'm wearing: 
-Khaki shorts from Forever 21 
-Striped cardigan from Costa Blanca
-Tan sandal wedges from Joe Fresh 
-XOXO bag from Winners
-Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs


  1. Cute outfit! I love the neutral combination of colors you did! So chic! :)


  2. i love the ensemble. looks great on you. the key pieces in your outfit are the wedges, cardigan and bag. :) pretty!

    by the way, if it won't take so much of your time, i need your help. please visit my blog for more details. thank you!

    much love,

  3. Straps, they'll get you every time. You look great, though!

  4. Neat post!

    And love your outfit!

    You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  5. Cute outfit and I love your cardigan!


  6. Haha ouch! I enjoy walking but every time I do I am wearing the wrong shoes which leads to a blister. It is not fun limping through the streets. Awesome cardigan...


  7. You look adorable. You're shoes look so cute, too bad they gave you a blister on your ankle. I hate it when cute shoes do that. You're cardigan is super cute too by the way. Have a good one hun.

  8. This outfit is so cute. Love the simplicity and the neutral colors. I had a similar incident yesterday. I was walking in thong flip flops, the really flat ones while shopping,and next thing I knew I was getting some weird sharp pain in the right of my foot. I had to "limp" through the mall back to my car. Geez...growing pains.

    Live Life in Style


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