Monday, May 30, 2011

Angie's Models showcase

Angie's Models brought on a great event with its Rip The Runway show that featured great models showing off their skills to the fashion industry.  The War Museum was the gorgeous venue for this event.  With history all around and upbeat music filling the air, this was definitely the place to be on May 28 for media, scouts, models, and fashionistas.  While the event was meant to showcase the models, I had my eye on the fabulous clothing that the models were wearing.  There were established favourites like Gap Kids, familiar faces from Ottawa Fashion Week such as Rachel Sin and Micalla, and other great Canadian designers.  Demu Label added a kick to the runway with its superhero rocker collection complete with masks and whips.  Ralph Leroy closed the show with his colourful rainy collection making it clear that it is possible to be fashionable while braving the elements.  Clothing ranged from casual street style t-shirts, lovely cocktail dresses, and sensual swimwear. 

And a video of the final walk of most of the models with Ralph Leroy's collection:

For more of my photos, visit Ottawa Fashion Week's facebook page


  1. Fashion shows are my favourite! Great pictures, love the underwear clad male models too, hahaha. lots of love from your follower, Veena <3

  2. Thanks for sharing! I spot a foxtail, nice!

  3. great runway photos! :)

    much love,


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