Monday, May 30, 2011

I Am Fashion- RIP The Fab Lane

What an eventful Saturday! It's been a while since I've been to a fashion event in Ottawa, so this business was very welcomed.  First up was the RIP The Fab Lane show put on by the folks at I AM FASHION.  Let me just start off by saying that no matter the event, I will wear my walking shoes just in case of something like, oh, a race that closes off the roads and causes me to walk five blocks.

Anyway.  Aside from the aching shoes, I also felt underdressed in comparison to the fabulous looking crowd at this event.  The runway show was extremely delayed in starting time.  Especially since I had to leave halfway through, it would have been nice for a bit of a prompter start.  Do excuse my exclusively black and white photos because my little point-and-shoot camera couldn't handle the glare from the red carpet or the consequences of dim lighting.  With that aside, the fashion was lovely though.  I only got to see about 3 collections, but they were great.  White was a prominently used colour (so black and white photos are excusable), as was lace and silky materials.

One more little critique that I have about the runway show- well, the runway itself.  The lighting was set to default and not properly arranged, wires sticking out of the runway had people tripping, and there was a blatant 'X' where models were supposed to stop and pose.  This also shows the odd tint my camera captured.

And if the black and white photos aren't doing it for ya, how about a few videos of the final walk from a few of the collections.


  1. Oh wow, such fantastic pictures. The outfits the models are wearing look fantastic.



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