Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I fancy florals

I've been lusting after florals for a while now, but haven't really gotten around to buying them.  I've got a few floral skirts and dresses here and there, but I have my eye out for floral shorts right now.  If I was to buy a pair, I'm not quite sure whether I would go for bright or pastel colours, or darker tones that might work better for a more formal setting.  I question this because, yet again, I have no idea what to wear to an upcoming fashion show.  You would think that I would get better with this, but no.  Anyway, I was browsing around online and the thought of a really nice pair of floral shorts paired with a dressy shirt crossed my mind.  I'm a big fan of pieces that can be used for formal or everyday occasions- there's just so many more options with versatile pieces.  So for now, I'm on the lookout for a good pair of floral shorts.  Or shiny shorts. But florals may be easier to find.


  1. I like floral bottoms also, and also don't have any! hahaha

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  2. So do I.. Floral patterns are always nice to see during the spring..

  3. Those are too cute! Great post! I love your blog, I’m following now via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin! Hope you follow back.


    xx. VLM.

  4. I really like these floral shorts! Such a hard choice eh to find the perfect ones! Hope you find what your looking for! :)


  5. I love floral shorts, I just got a nice Topshop pair, I find darker colours more versatile, I like items I can wear for different occasions in different ways :)

  6. i'm a sucker for florals too :) it's so girly and chic, you simply can't say no.

    much love,

  7. Hey Sabrina! Not sure if you're a fan of Forever 21, but the last time I was in one of their stores, I notice that they had a huge selection of floral shorts. Like the ones you have up there. They were made of rayon fabric and in so many different colors. They looked super comfy. I should have gotten a pair. Shucks!

  8. ooh la la, I've never tried floral shorts before! now I'm definitely reconsidering the next time I go shopping haha. thanks for the comment on my blog :)

    seriously adore your banner and your blog is ADORABLE. I'm following you!

    xo Grace


  9. Awesome ! I doubt I could wear them, but still, they're so cute >.<


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