Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To blow a paycheck

Welcome to the first edition of "To blow a paycheck"! Here, I'll be listing some items that I'd buy right now if I was to completely spend my paycheck. I'm going to take some 'The Price is Right' inspiration here and try to get as close as I can get to the actual number without going over.  Gotta admit, some of these items were fillers to try to get close to the whole paycheck, but ended up being a great shopping want anyway.

1.  Nude Lace Corsage Headband
2.  Chinti and Parker cropped Organic Cotton Jacket
3.  Paul & Joe prasline asymmetric wool-crepe dress
4.  Alexander Wang double-breasted linen-blend jacket
5.  Kenneth Jay Lane painted Enamel Necklace
6.  Jeffrey Campbell Lita lace up boots suede taupe
7.  BE & D Woodstock woven-panel patent-leather bag
8.  Adam high-waisted paperbag shorts
9.  Topshop Stripe full skirt

...Too bad I'm a saver.  And realistically, I'd never spend the money on most of the items on this list.  It's nice to dream though!

And how close did I get to blowing my whole paycheck?  I'd have $1.50 left.


  1. Haha, I love this feature! Guess you could always survive on a bag of chips and a 50 cent pop if you bought all this stuff..lolol

    Live Life in Style

  2. I like the shorts and the skirt!
    Unfortunately I cant wear that high heels

  3. $1.50?!!! Whoa! Gosh I remember the days when I would spend my whole paycheck on clothes (fun fun fun!). Now I spend most of it on bills (boring boring boring). This new segment is so interesting and clever. I can't wait to see what you come up with next time. Have a good one Sabrina!

  4. Jesus, I would love having enough money some day to spend more than a thousand a month in clothes! Unfortunately, for now I can just see it and drool on it.

    Love, X SARA

  5. cute skirt!

  6. beautiful blog :)
    I'd be happy if you check out my blog and follow if you like. xx

  7. Love it all, but the aqua shorts and lace-up booties are my absolute fav!

    xoxo, Nico

  8. I awarded you a blog award, stop by my blog to check it out! xoxo, Veena <3

  9. haha, what a great idea for a blog post! i like how youre actually trying to stay within a budget- thats so impossible for me. some of these pieces are lovely- the lita's, obviously, but i also love the striped skirt and white dress. xxx

  10. Hahaha I love this.. Especially the title and content.. Good choices though.. I have no idea what I would blow my paycheck on.. Probably something BUrberry..

    All the best, Angel


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