Friday, March 11, 2011

Topshop of the mornin' to ya

In honour of the recent announcement that the UK-based store, Topshop, is coming to Canada (at The Bay), I've decided to do a little post in anticipation of what we can expect. Topshop is home to tons of great pieces- most of which present that lovely vintage-inspired feel the fashion community has been lusting over. 'Vintage' is a broad term though.  Within this category, you'll also find subcategories such as posh, romantic, hippie, urban, etc.

Here's a little ensemble I put together to convey an edgier romantic vintage look.  A delicate cream blouse is great on its own, but paired with faded denim and tall boots, the look becomes more mischievous.  Paired with a matching cream bow hair accessory and pink sunnies to hide the trouble in one's eye, it's a great balance of modesty and mischief.  This outfit is made complete with the help of a dark grey messenger bag that complements the lighter tones.

1. Cream Embroidered bow blouse- $80.00
2. Bleach Denim Western Jacket- $80.00
3. Sylvie Bag by Orelia- $200.00
4. DARYL Grey High Leg Flat Suede Boots- $170.00
5. Raffia Bow Barrette- $28.00
6. Pink Keyhole Sunglasses- $38.00


  1. Cute outfit! I only ever shopped at Topshop a couple of times in Singapore, and that was a long time ago.

  2. Cute look! Seems perfect for spring with all the earthy colors..



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