Thursday, March 24, 2011

OFW March 20- Adrian Wu

Balloons cascaded along the catwalk as the doors to the backstage area opened up.  The audience was left wondering what was about to show.  Only Adrian Wu could be capable of such a fashion performance.  His "emotional baby shower" theme featured an almost eerie soundtrack with the laughter of children.  The models all wore the same oversized plastic bubbled bow on their hair, which took no attention away from the actual outfits. 

After my interview with Adrian Wu, I learned about his philosophies on genderless and shapeless fashion forms.  This collection was said to be inspired by Freud and the concept of phallic items.  The vision was clear here as models walked swiftly down the runway with what could've been cushions attached to their dresses.  Bold stripes were used in both whole outfits and as accented touches.  The last piece impressed me most with its intricate figure that is almost indescribable.  This wonderfully quirky designer ended off Ottawa Fashion Week with an 'I love crocs' t-shirt and a standing ovation.  Definitely a great finale.


You'll also definitely want to take a look at this video featuring the final look at this collection & the standing ovation:

All photos and video were taken by me, but belong to Ottawa Fashion Week.

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