Thursday, March 31, 2011

An overdue outfit post

I'm not a morning person. So it's a tad frightening to know that I would drag myself out of bed early on a Monday morning for the sake of a photoshoot.  This was the second collaboration for me and isabeltphotography.  For both our convenience, we decided to shoot on campus near the residence buildings.

I'd call this outfit my first attempt at the 50s romantic feminine style.  The results of this have inspired me to continue searching for more pieces to add to this nostalgic collection.  The scarf actually inspired this outfit.  Looking at the shades of blue and grey, I wanted an outfit that reflected it.  That's where I pulled out a silver shirt and denim skirt.  While it was nice on its own, the light pink cardigan definitely tied the look together.

What I'm wearing: 
-Light pink Jcrew Cardigan 
-Blue striped Le Chateau scarf
-Silver tank top 
-Denim pleaded Le Chateau skirt 
-Grey ribbed socks from Costa Blanca 
-Black heels from Winners 


  1. I love the cardigan and the scarf! And those shoes are so classy!

  2. cute outfit!
    I am just getting into the kneehigh socks and I am loving them, they look great on you!


  3. Loving the scarf and the skirt. :) The knee high socks are a nice touch.

  4. such a beautiful outfit, thx sabrina for entering, unfortunately i couldnt find u in following public at google :X maybe u cud check again ?ur avatar shud appear at the followers list im following u now as weell xx :D im so jealous, i wanna be in canada too :)

  5. love this look and the pink sweater! Very cute for spring! :)


  6. Your outfit is the cutest one I've seen so far today :) lovely !


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