Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thanks, Jimmy Olsen

This entry's a little overdue, but better late than never.  So this is what I wore to cover the model fittings for Ottawa Fashion Week.  I was going for a vintage journalist kind of look.  I'm not quite sure if that was achieved, but the earthy tones do give off a nostalgic sepia feel.  An extra touch that I enjoy is the detailing of the blouse especially.  I'm usually not one for ruffles, but it adds a nice uniqueness.  Though it's hard to see, there's ruching around the collar and sleeve that reminds me of an oriental-inspired design.  The skirt was originally longer, but I have a new thing about long skirts- turning them into strapless dresses.  This doesn't always work, but it worked very finely in this case.  Another great aspect about this outfit is that the pieces were taken from my mom's closet.  The blouse, skirt, even the red lipstick.  I kind of wish that she was an even bigger packrat than she already is so that I could have some authentic vintage/retro pieces.

These photos were taken on a street island near the Byward Market. Which meant a slew of cars passing by and awkward comments. All things considered, it was fun having another misadventure with Isabel Tang.  Whenever we go out as just the two of us, we always seem to run into some sort of weird situation that's worth laughing about later. 

Ottawa Fashion Week's launch party is TOMORROW. Which I can hardly believe.  That also means long days, hard work, and an intensely amazing time for me.  It also means that I probably won't have time to blog over the weekend, but rest assured, I'll be back with awesome photos and insights from the heart of Ottawa Fashion Week.

For live updates, follow OFW on Twitter or Facebook. I'll be tweeting live from inside the runway shows and our exclusive VIP media launch party!


  1. LOVE!!! And that's some great photography too! =D

  2. p.s. how were you not freezing?! crazy girl!!

  3. Ah it looks so cold out there! Love the outfit.

  4. te sigo!!! me apoyas con mi blog¿?¿?¿


  5. you look amazing! So classic and stylish, beautiful! love the shirt and hairdo :)

  6. great to meet you last night, these are fab photos, I love how the outfit match the color of the background perfectly! see you tonight xo


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