Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So much fashion and nothing to wear

I have about a million things on my mind right now with a thousand things that I need to do. Somehow, 'what to wear to the Ottawa Fashion Week launch party' has crept its way up from the bottom of my list to...well, I just spent the past hour looking at hypothetical dresses. Now that I think about it, I don't own any cocktail dresses.  When I was back in Toronto in February, I went shopping with my mom and sister and we found a green cocktail dress that could've gone to either my sister or myself.  "Oh, she can take it. I have no where to go in Ottawa. No dressy occasions..."

How I regret saying that now.

Anyway, if I was to go shopping on a whim for a dress for the launch party, I might go with any one of these from BCBG:

One-Shoulder Contrast Dress $298.00

Sheer Paneled Evening Dress $348.00
Maria Silk Organza Ruffled Dress $398.00

Madeline Striped Jacquard Party Dress $348.00

Now to go back to doing the other 999 things I had to do.


  1. gah BCBG is my weakness.

    Love your blog, Sabby! Keep it up. Love reading fellow fashion lovers' points of view.

  2. Ah! I love them all, but especially the third one. Are you on Rent the Runway? If not, check it out, they have a lot of great dresses.


  3. nice blog, by the way... I love this.


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