Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My weekend as a Social Media Intern

Here's a little glimpse at what it was like to be in my 2-inch heels during Ottawa Fashion Week.

It's 4:05. People are already starting to arrive. But the media/VIP passes aren't ready yet (Yes, folks- I've read all your concerns and displeasure with this)!  I'm not quite a people person, but I was asked to help out with registration, so I tried. Apparently going through pages of guests and identifying them and their guests isn't my thing.  I didn't have much luck the day after that either. When trying to move the registration table, it collapsed and fell on my toes.  Thank goodness for closed-toe heels. Can you imagine if I listened to suggestions and wore flats?

Luckily, the majority of my job involves mingling with guests and attending the runway shows in the Great Hall.  The first day was great- front row seats for every show.  It's just a shame I was toying around with my camera settings during this day, so my photos from Day 1 aren't that great.

Me and fellow Social Media Intern, Emily slaving away over phones and cameras (via The Fashion Keeper)
On Day 2, when I wasn't in the front row, I still wanted good photos for our Facebook page. So I ventured to the photo pit.  My first experience wasn't good- I was taking photos seated backwards on the floor...if that makes any sense.  I get what people mean when they say, "You can be in the photo pit if you can fight for a spot".

Thanks, CTV for capturing me hard at work...I think I know which picture that is!
On the third day, I found myself in the photo pit more often than in the front row. I didn't mind though- the lighting and angles at the end of the runway were terrific. Except I still have bruises on my knees from when I was sitting under a tripod- that was the only space I could get! I'm still not sure if I'd do that again for the sake of photography. And of course, there's tweeting whenever I got the chance.

It's a tad intimidating being there with all their professional gear (considering how I use a point-and-shoot). Photo via Christopher Pike.
Overall, Ottawa Fashion Week has been the highlight of my year (until next season!).  I've had amazing opportunities and met some great people.  I honestly still can't believe that I experienced this in my real life. Time for a reality check- back to the boring student life.

OFW F/W 2011 team (photo via Marc Lavoie)


  1. This is a great post. I have a total soft spot for point and shoots, there's a certain charm of them.


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