Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OFW March 19- Nu.I

During my interview with her, Vickie Joseph of Nu.I described her collection as empowering the "superwomen of the world".  Her pieces did just that as models strutted down the runway in metallics, portraying an almost futuristic look.  The collection displayed mainly black, white, and silver garments; though all pieces were complemented by matching silver hair wraps and shoes.  Some outfits also borrowed from the talents of Mafia with fabulous jewellery.

This collection was the first one I saw when I was covering the model fittings.  I associate it with the power and confidence given to Ottawa Fashion Week.  I was super excited to see the fashions on the runway, and it definitely did not disappoint.  What further attracts me to this collection is the inspiration of supermom, Vickie.  Her adorable bubbling personality led me to anticipate the "effortless seduction" of this collection where any everyday woman can feel empowered.

And a video of Nu.I's full collection:

All images and videos were taken by me, but belong to Ottawa Fashion Week.


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