Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Be neutral

As I look out my window and see a gloomy sheet of snow over the city, I came to the realization that winter wasn't done teasing yet.  The best way to get over this is not to look at cheerful summer dresses, but to look to Mulberry's Fall 2011 collection for those perfect ready-to-wear pieces.

Mulberry's Fall 2011 collection was designed by Emma Hill who drew her inspiration from a tasteful mix of the English countryside and classic school girl look.  With tweeds and pleaded skirts, this collection leaves a refined, polished impression.  The look is mainly minimalist using soft earthy tones or deep navy to blend with the season's natural hues.  Each look is paired with an oversized bag to complete the professional preppy ensemble.  One thing that I enjoy about this collection is that Hill does not rely on colour accents or distracting accessories to make a statement.  Her pieces are left to be noticed as a whole without drawing too much attention on an individual piece.

Another great aspect is the great functionality of this collection.  The shoes are low (Flats? Yes please!), the outerwear is simple, and pieces are even paired with jeans.  This is definitely a collection that can be worked into the daily schedule of a girl on the go.

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    awww i wish i knew u started one earlier!! i guess no more chictopia? i totally failed on that scene =P

  2. so pretty. obsessed with neutrals right now.

    just followed your blog (love your header btw!)

    keep in touch! xo ann

    Holier than Now

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  3. nice colours.

  4. We love Mulberry, it sure is awfully english ;)

    Thank you so much for your sweet IFB message.

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J



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