Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When I told my mom that I was volunteering for OFW, there's one thing she kept repeating: get one of the swag bags! I didn't take a regular admission bag, and I hardly even know what was in the VIP ones.  Though the bag left in the first row of Walk the Truth's charity gala held a lovely piece of jewellery from frAsh.

This lovely gold chained necklace comes fashioned with a lovely turquoise stone, two gleaming beads (purple and magenta), and a small gold pendant.  I absolutely adore this piece, especially because I have almost no gold jewellery.  The length of the chain comes down to right above my belly button- I've been on the hunt for a long necklace! It's also great for a variety of styles.  It's been a great addition to my almost non-existent hippie/boho look.

For more unique jewellery, check out frAsh's website here.


  1. Cute jewelery! I love that blue color on the necklace.

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