Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wear the weather

Peter Som's Spring/Summer 2011 evokes many senses of the sunny seasons.  With bright colours, fresh cuts, and cheerful patterns, these styles perfectly reflect the essence of vacation.  It's not only the florals that evoke these senses, but the free-flowing cut of the garments are reminiscent of a gentle breeze.  Som also mirrors that beachy turquoise and sunny yellow in many of his designs.  What's great is that the colours aren't too overwhelming when paired together.  The looks are generally minimalist, but enough for individual details to shine.  Another great aspect of this collection is his use of simple accents in making even monotone colours spring to life.  Paired with neutral or complementary coloured platforms, this ready-to-wear collection definitely helps bring on a great sense of fun for the season.

With March in full swing, I'm definitely excited to raid my closet (or buy a new few pieces) to compile a few outfits inspired by Som's collection.  

Images via style.com

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